Welcome to Igor

Igor is an open source Slack-bot, built by Cloud 66. It is your very own personal assistant that operates on your stacks directly from the Slack chat window. Now, you can display the state of your stacks, perform deployments, and cancel them with simple commands like list , deploy, and cancel.

Key features

Quick install

Create a Slack bot

First thing you will need to do is to create your ChatOps bot on Slack.

Once you have created your bot, you can invite it to any slack channel: /invite @bot-name.

Download the app

You can install the app either from the Cloud 66 app store or from the docker-compose

From the Cloud66's app store:


From the docker-compose file:


Go to the registration page from the Browse of your Igor registration container and then click on deregister. You will have to restart your Igor container for the changes to take place.

Developing Igor

Feel free to contibute to Igor - it's an open source project available on Github!



In order to address Igor, you must call it by the Slack bot name you used, followed by the command you wish to run.

Here is an example :

igor deploy -s my-stack-name

Here is a list of all the operations you can do with Igor:

Commands :

Flags :

Queue deployment

If you want igor to queue a deployment based on a custom webhook URL (for example, wait until the stack has no busy workers before deploying), you can use the igor-bot/config/config.yml file.


If Igor cannot connect to Slack

If you can't see your bot connected among the members of your channel on Slack it means the container running Igor ChatOps failed to launch - likely due to an incorrect slack token. You will need to redeploy your stack and set a valid one.

If Igor cannot connect to the Cloud 66 API

If you have successfully connected Igor to Slack but it cannot access Cloud 66, you may have set an incorrect Cloud 66 token. You can try updating your Cloud 66 token on the registration page.

If you get an error during registration

One possible reason for this is that the container does not have access to write to the host - if so, you can try setting the correct folder permissions.

Download Igor